The Shape-Shifter

I am the Shape Shifter

A music maker

Shaking you at your core

Vibrating your heart strings so they cry out for more

I am the Shape Shifter

A quiet conductor of a choir of hearts

Soul songs trapped, not knowing their parts

Then-silenced voices learning to sing

Buried desires given their wings

I am the seer, the dreamer, the one

A solitary figure who cannot be won

I come for the loving

I stay til you change

And one of us runs

In a few months and change

You cling with sticky fingers to the way that you are

You stare at the Shape Shifter

And then you run far

To the safety of hiding

To some other heart

You refuse to let the Shape Shifter

Practice her art

And you...

You think that you love her

You think that you see

But it's only yourself,

Your reflection,

Not me.

You love that I change you

You learn to love yourself

So use me and pay me

And put me back on the shelf

I cannot be pinned,


Or bottled up.

I am the Shape Shifter;

A lover

Who's given up.

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