Natalie Inga hails from the hills of Western Canada. Her nomad upbringing shaped the way she views the world, the way she plays, loves, writes and sings. From the old train tracks cutting across the prairie, to the coal seams that brought civilization to the badlands, to the tops of the Rocky Mountains, her soul is in the land, while her feet pound the city pavement. 


Natalie was an Acting major, studying in the immersive conservatory program at Rosebud School of the Arts in the tiny hamlet of Rosebud, AB. She cut her first solo album in 2013 before joining forces with Sonia Deleo and becoming half of Calgary duo, The Fig & The Flame  in 2015. Their album, When the World is Calling, was released in 2017. 

Natalie's song, Hundred Lips, earned the duo a spot in the regional finals of the CBC Searchlight Competition 2017. In 2018, Natalie is focussing her efforts again as a solo artist and writer, in the rich community her current home, Calgary, AB has to offer, 

"Fierce feminist folkie..."